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Product Overview:

Discover the game-changing VIKCTIM Drag Strap, an innovation born from the collaborative efforts of Kansas City firefighters. This cutting-edge victim rescue solution is meticulously designed to alleviate grip and extraction challenges, exclusively catering to the needs of firefighters.

Key Features:

  • Universal Fit: The VIKCTIM Drag Strap offers a one-size-fits-most design, ensuring compatibility across a diverse range of users.
  • Dual Adjustment Points: With two adjustable points, the strap provides a secure and personalized fit, accommodating various body types and preferences.
  • Efficient Fastening: The inclusion of a non-intrusive magnetic pull tab attachment at the sleeve cuff streamlines the fastening process, allowing for quicker response times during critical missions.
  • Crafted for Quality: Proudly made in the Ozarks, USA, the strap incorporates predominantly UL certified components, reflecting its commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and safety.

Focused on Victim Rescue:

Unlike conventional tools, the VIKCTIM Drag Strap is dedicated to swift and secure victim extraction, offering enhanced grip and efficient removal. This specialization ensures that every rescue operation is executed with utmost precision and effectiveness.

VIKCTIM Drag Strap

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