NFPA 1851 Advanced Cleaning & Inspection

NFPA 1851 Advanced Cleaning & Inspection is our Specialty

Delta cleans all types of contaminated personal protective equipment and has been since 1969. By utilizing decades of experience, Delta ensures that your gear receives the care and attention that it deserves. Our service procedures have earned us Intertek Certification since 2014, guaranteeing that our customers receive industry-leading quality when they bring their gear into Delta.


All garments are thoroughly cleaned and inspected in accordance with NFPA 1851 (2014 revision) guidelines. Please keep NFPA 1851 advanced cleaning and inspection in mind if your gear falls under any of these categories:


  • Turnout gear or PPE has not been cleaned or inspected in the last 12 months

  • Standard cleaning has not rendered garment(s) sufficiently clean for service

  • Gear is discolored, in poor condition, or in need of repairs

Regular cleaning and inspection of your gear will help you receive the most your gear has to offer, extending its life and overall fabric quality, while also eliminating the severe health risks involved

with wearing contaminated garments.


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