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Repairs & Alterations

Delta understands that you and your gear are hard workers. With all the demands that come with modern firefighting and industrial work, your gear may require a tune up every now and then. Delta is here to help you with complete gear repair solutions.

Is that set of turnout gear you were just issued tailored for the last guy it belonged to? Need a couple of inches off your sleeve or pant length? Let Delta take care of it with gear alterations that will make your gear fit the way it was meant to.

Repairing your gear ensures that your garments will:






Last longer

Keep you safe


Function preperly

Delta offers repair & alteration service for all in-date turnout gear, as well as most types of industrial FR clothing. Feel free to submit your repair / alteration request from the link below, or give us a call at (409) 724-1055.

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