This large bag is designed for those who want to carry all of their equipment in one bag. It is designed for bleeding control, as an oxygen bag and an airway intubation kit all in one. The center compartment is designed to hold your oxygen cylinder, nasal cannulas and mask. Three elastic gusset pockets on one side of the interior compartment and 3 open slot pockets on the other side. A draw string bag for holding your demand valve and elastic loops for airways. Oxygen cylinder is cradled in a molded A.B.S. plastic shell which adds stability to the bag and protection for the cylinder. The sides have a rigid plastic inner wall for stability and protection. One outside pocket has an intubation kit with 9 individual slot pockets plus 2 other pockets for accessories and a row of elastic loops. Facing that pocket are 8 elastic loops. The opposite side of the outer pocket is designed for bleeding control. There are 3 pockets with a clear vinyl flap held in place by VELCRO® Brand and on the outside of this are 6 individual removable pockets. This bag has a vinyl coated nylon bottom and 2 web handles for carrying. Measures 12” high x 15” wide x 21” overall length. White ”Star of Life” silk-screened on the side. Wt. 80 oz. Contents not included.


Brand: R&B Fabrications, Inc.
Product ID: 820

R&B Fab 820 Trauma Oxygen Bag

SKU: 820OR

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