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Structural Fire Fighting Glove

Certified by UL to NFPA 1971 – 2018

  • Full natural leather outer shell
  • Premium top grain cow and goat hide
  • No fabric is used on the outer shell
  • Unparalleled wet grip strength
  • Strategic sacrificial wear pads on fingertips
  • Extreme thermal, cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance


Vapor barrier system

  • Proprietary formulation specifically designed for the fire service
  • Welded seams (not glued)
  • Independent non-laminated barriers
  • Memory free performance
  • Superior liquid & chemical resistance
  • Impervious to steam
  • Independently tested and certified*Kovenextm P thermal liner exclusive to dragon fire
  • Inherently heat and flame resistant blend of non-chemically treated fibers
  • Thermal, cut, and rip resistant
  • Independently tested and certified


Unique features

  • Extreme dexterity with no sacrifice of protection
  • Glove refuses to harden or stiffen
  • Remains soft and pliable after use
  • Liner remains intact – no pullout
  • Effortless hand insertion & removal when glove and/or hand is wet/sweaty
  • Reflective piping for improved visibility

Dragon Fire Alpha-X2 Glove

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